Hatching a Dream

This morning, I'm blogging over at To Be Read -- So Many Authors, So Little Time and chatting about first times, particularly the first time I (quivering with terror) met and actually spoke to what I thought of as a "real, live published author," which happened to be at the first writer's group meeting I attended.

So pop on over if you would and tell us about coming out of the closet on your writing dreams or finding a mentor who's helped you along the way.

I'd love to hear from you!


Dorothy Hagan said…
Hey, Colleen.

A big Hi right back at you. I loved the conference. It was so interesting to be in a room full of creative peers. I loved hearing the Most Dangerous Things. It was like, wow, I'm not the weirdo freak I thought I was. There are other wild ladies around, ladies with a passionate past. Believe me, these sorts of subjects don't come up in the carpool line! Thanks to you and Joni for sharing your time.
So glad you found your tribe, Dorothy. :) It's a great feeling.

And you're totally welcome. I enjoyed it.

Thank you for the book, too. That was really sweet of you.
Dorothy Hagan said…
You're welcome. I realize you don't have time to read another book right now, but if you get five minutes, read chapter twelve, pp 109-117. It contains one of my favorite episodes of the work. Enjoy.

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