Saturday Morning Cartoon: Oktapodi (an Oscar nominated lesson in fighting for what you love)


That's absolutely adorable! (Nice and short, too.) And how could we possibly resist octopus romance?)
Lynne said…
Loved it ... reminds me too of the news story today about the naughty little octopus in the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium in California who pulled on a valve in her tank and caused a massive flood! Who new Octopi were so adventurous.
I saw that and laughed, Lynne. They're such intelligent creatures and experts at escaping.
Lynne said…
just left a comment ... but my blog address was wrong, due to an accident yesterday involving a strawberry jam filled sandwich and my kmeyboard ... km is either not appearing at all or is coming up as km! Think that deserves a blog (when I have finished cleaning the kmeyboard)
Joni Rodgers said…
But if you're gonna get in a jam, strawberry is the way to go!

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