Love is the Answer (Go with God, England Dan.)

Author/musician Jamie Reno sent the following around yesterday after it was reported the musician, mensch, and our fellow lymphomaniac Dan Seals had died:
Hey friends, some sad news to report. Dan Seals was a rare talent, and was very kind to me. He was a big fan of my book on lymphoma survivors, and last time I checked in with him he was optimistic and ready to start his own lymphoma treatment. I was looking forward to recording with him. I’m listening to this classic song of his as I write this, with a tear in my eye. If you owned a radio in the 70s, or 80s, you know Dan Seals. He was a gentle, kind country boy with an inimitably tender voice. I will miss him very much.

Dan Seals partnered with his high school buddy John Ford Coley, who called him "England Dan" because they worshipped the Beatles and Dan adroitly imitated the Liverpool accent. (That was Dan's brother Jim in Seals & Crofts, by the way -- I'm just full of odd little info orts retained from my disc jockey days.) Dan was born in McCamey, Texas and grew up in Dallas. After soft-rockin' the '70s in his stovepipe jeans and mutton chop sideburns, he went on to be a huge country music star and ran for congress. He died at his daughter's home in Nashville.

For more about lymphoma survivors (including yours truly) who made the most of their post-diagnosis bonus years, check out Jamie's book, Hope Begins in the Dark. And for a sentimental blast from the past, chill with John Ford Coley below.
Name your price, a ticket to paradise
I can't stay here anymore
I've looked high and low
I've been from shore to shore to shore
If there's a shortcut, I'd have found it
But there's no easy way around it
Light of the World, shine on me
Love is the answer...


Sad day. Thanks for posting.
Del Lonnquist said…
Thanks Joni, sorry to hear about England Dan.
He was a good one.

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