The personal approach (diving for pearls of wisdom from Erin Galloway)

Just finished browsing the lively discussion folowing Colleen's interview with marketing manager Erin Galloway. I'm not great about reading the comments on the blog, but I'm glad I took the time to follow this conversation.

One of the many great points Erin makes:
The most effective form of author self-promotion I see working now is the “personal approach.” We have an author that personally contacted several hundred bookstores last summer. She contacted each store, provided information on her book and explained why she felt her book would suit their readers. It was extremely time consuming, but it paid off. She went from a virtual unknown to the New York Times list almost overnight. In our current economy the personal touch matters even more. If people are going to spend their money they want to feel very connected to and very confident about what they are purchasing.

Click here, scroll down, and check it out.


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