The Supreme Court will hear Authors Guild class action suit

Update on the federal class action suit being pursued by Authors Guild:
March 2, 2009. This morning, we learned that the Supreme Court has agreed to hear the appeal regarding our freelance class-action settlement with electronic datase companies and decide whether federal courts have jurisdiction over lawsuits involving unregistered works. (Unregistered works are copyright protected, under U.S. law, but have a lesser status than registered works.) This is good news.

The Supreme Court decides to hear only a handful of the many cases it is asked to consider each year, so we're encouraged by this decision. It keeps alive the possibility that the settlement agreement originally reached in 2005 will be upheld.

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Thank goodness for the Author's Guild! Every eligible author needs to join. For one thing, they're always out there fighting for us. For another, you never know when you'll need their legal advice or a contract review.

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