Kristin Chenoweth hits NYT Bestseller List (and makes her book nanny very proud!)

Whabam! My homegirl hit the New York Times bestseller list at a respectable #12 her first week out. Gotta love this girl. She was wonderful to work with throughout the process and the moment this book hit the shelf, she busted out the hustle, touring from New York (where she closed her first B&N event by presenting her blushing ghostwriter with a dozen roses) to her native Oklahoma, onto LA, and back to NY this week.

I particularly love that she managed all this without bashing or bad-mouthing anyone in her family or the biz. A few cynical reviewers knocked her for not "digging deeper" (translation: "dishing dirtier"), but Kristin consistently took the high road without even having to sit through my standard "why being gracious facilitates both the legal review and future family picnics" lecture. Read all about her on Broadway World.

Update 4/29: Second week on the NYT list, LIL WICKED moves up to #11! Go, girl, go!


Wow, congratulations to both of you. That's incredibly impressive.

From start to finish, Ms. Chenoweth appears to have been a class act and genuinely nice person. No whining, bashing others in her wake, or fits of diva-dom. Just a grounded woman grateful for her gifts. No wonder she's charming readers.
mamele said…
congrats, joni!! she's adorable; so good to hear she's genuinely nice, too.
Nancy J. Parra said…
I'm reading it now and am loving it!

congrats to you both!
Dear Joni,
Great post. Great news. Great way to end my day. I'll check out the book later this week. Can't wait.

Can you tell I'm typing this standing up and clapping between keystrokes?

janet little said…
Congratulations Joni! And Kristin! Good for Goodness' Sake!

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