Veer (resources for we who love words)

My daughter Jerusha turned me on to Veer, a website for all of us in love with language and visual arts, book nerds of the highest order, anyone into the nuances of typography. If you're looking for a scarf of lacy letters or would appreciate setting your coffee on a grammatically correct coaster, you'll find it worth clicking into.

From the Veer welcome page:
"See things in a new light. Hint at potential. Invent contexts. Create concepts.

It’s what you do as a creative. It’s our goal at Veer, too.

We want to help you break out of the grid, the list, the rulebook. To show you visual elements for design in ways that work. To filter out the obvious and the mundane, in our products and our presentation. To help you do the best creative work possible.



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