"What are you reading?" (Los Angeles Times Festival of Books project wants to know)

It's going to be a big weekend at the Los Angeles Festival of Books, and throughout the doings, the Times will be asking the same question I always ask at the end of an interview with an author or industry pro: "What are you reading?" (I also ask people in line at Starbucks, my airplane seat mate, the girl who highlights my hair....)

The "What Are You Reading?" project will turn the camera on Festival attendees, and we'll be able to see the responses on the "Your Scene" page at LA Times online. Readers will also be invited to leave messages on the "What are you reading?" graffiti wall.

Click here for a full schedule of stage events.

And visit Book TV for live events coverage. (Strong coffee highly recommended. We can always count on Book TV to protect us from anything that strays from monotone.)


You're right. As much as I love books, Book TV's a sure-fire cure for insomnia. It's even duller than C-Span.

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