"Editing Letter" (Debut novelist Lara Zielin's karaoke of creative angst)

I don't know where Colleen comes up with this stuff, but she flipped it to me and I had to pass it along...

"Lara Zielin's agony and ecstasy as she edits her debut novel, DONUT DAYS."

Click here to pay Lara a visit and look for Donut Days in bookstores this August.


I laughed my head off at this.

Thought it was a pretty slick bit of self-promo, too.

Way to go, Lara! Best of luck with DONUT DAYS.
jennymilch said…
Loved it! That's one debut I won't forget to look for. And she made me want to sing along:

"With a lot of perseverance, I will get me one...An editing letter..."

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