Post a Phobia, Win a Book

Over at Fresh Fiction today, I'm giving away a free, autographed copy of any of my backlist books to one lucky commenter (comments must be at the Fresh Fiction site to win). The creepy-crawly question: which animal/bug/other creature elicits the most chills for you? (And lets remember, phobias don't follow logic, so if you're afraid of fuzzy bunnies after watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail, fess up!)

If you'd like to expand the conversation over here to include non-animal phobias (and possibly give me some great ideas for taking readers on a thrill-ride in an upcoming book), this is the place to discuss them...

If you dare.


I'm afraid of bumblebees buzzing by my face. Actually it could be any flying insect that buzzes and is big enough to see from a few feet away. (I'm not scared of mosquitoes; just don't like them)

Hey, I was afraid of radiation therapy, too, and that sort of buzzed. Hmmm, maybe it's the buzzing not the bee.


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