Some showers are more fun than others (Your invitation to the BBL Buy Blitz)

Colleen Thompson's latest, Beneath Bone Lake, officially hits the bookshelf tomorrow and is now shipping on Amazon and other online book sources. So let me start by saying:


No one I know is more dedicated to her craft. And no one does more to encourage, support, and mentor fellow authors. Please join me in a Buy Blitz and review shower for Colleen tomorrow. If you're buying the book in store, take a sec to call today and make sure it's on shelves. If you're buying online, please do so tomorrow before 4PM. And as soon as you've read, take another minute to pop back to Amazon and post a review.

Quoth Colleen in the press kit:
"Stretched along the East Texas and Louisiana border, there lies a lake populated by old cypress trees cobwebbed with thick strands of Spanish moss. Inhabited by the ghostly calls of great birds and huge alligators that lurk just beneath the surface, the lake is also home to the sun-bleached, standing skeletons of huge trees drowned as the area first flooded. It's an eerie world, lonely and primordial and beautiful and sometimes frightening. It is also the setting of my next romantic thriller, Beneath Bone Lake..."

Early buzz is buzzing. Just a few of the tasty pull quotes:
“Gripping and engaging from the very first page, Thompson’s novel demonstrates why she's a master of suspense and mystery. The author weaves a well-plotted tale of corruption, horror, violence and the enduring love formed by an impenetrable bond of trust.”
—Romantic Times BOOKreviews

“BENEATH BONE LAKE continues Colleen Thompson's fantastic storytelling. The fleshed-out characters, the setting and the suspense will keep you reading page after page.”
—Fresh Fiction

"From start to finish, BENEATH BONE LAKE is a must read for romantic suspense lovers with its edge-of-the seat suspense and its daring romance."
—Merrimon Crawford, Book Illuminations

Beneath Bone Lake combines a tightly-wound plot, fully fleshed characters, and the lush Colleen Thompson landscaping her fans have come to love in her last dozen-plus books.

Jump in the shower with us and check it out!


Thank you so much! How sweet.

It's weird about the shower idea. Last night, I dreamed I had a baby, which was oddly quiet and changed genders before an author-friend I know spilled milk all over both the baby and the bedding.

Quick, call Dr. Freud! LOL.

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