William Shatner on beginning, endings, and "Why Am I Here?" (followed by a delicious studio smackdown)

With BookExpo 2009 in full swing this weekend, I've got one eye on the twitter and blog feeds in the right hand sidebar, but I haven't gotten the "you are there" updates I'd hoped for. We'll recap the highlights when the dust has settled. Meanwhile, here's my favorite moment from last year's BEA coverage: PW's interview with William Shatner, who was there stumping for his fresh-out memoir.

And then there's this...which I love...so much. (Though I hate that they say on the label "loses it" -- because he's totally in charge. Listen and learn.)


Suzan Harden said…
Mr. Shatner is not one to suffer fools gladly. (Though if I ever have the chance, I'd like to ask him what the heck he was thinking on Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.)
TJ Bennett said…
Wow, he's a lot scarier and a lot smarter than I have ever given him credit for.

I saw his doppleganger in the feature film Star Trek again today (took the kids this time when we couldn't get into Night at the Museum) and it really struck me how the younger actor captured his "Kirkness" right down to the cocky swagger. But, you know, there may be two Kirks, but there is only one Shatner.

And man, he nearly had that studio idiot in tears, and a lot more efficiently than Christian Bale ever could have! Bet that's the last time that guy ever tells an actor with 40 years of experience reading lines how to do it. Snicker. I actually felt sorry for the poor sod. He was begging Shatner to read the lines his way by the time they were done, because he had visions of what he was going to tell "the town" when they got the lines the way he told Shatner to read them. Yikes!


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