Kids in Fiction

Have you ever wanted to hurl reading about overly-precocious kids in fiction -- or cringed during a scene depicting harsh violence against children? Over at the Emily Bryan blog today, I'm yakking about the Danger Zone of writing kids in fiction. Giving away a free signed copy to a commenter as well.

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jennymilch said…
The link didn't work for me, but I think this is a great topic! It can be so hard to depict kids realistically. I am actually at home raising two preschoolers right now and have their mannerisms and ways of speaking pretty down pat (I think). But already, just a few years out, I'm forgetting how they moved and behaved and verbalized as babies and toddlers. Even some of my favorite authors will write a kid who's around the age of my kids and I will think, Either it really needed to be established that this one is a freakin' genius, or she just shouldn't say something like that...

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