Writers get revenge in Terry Griggs' "Thought You Were Dead"

To celebrate the launch of Terry Griggs’s Thought You Were Dead, Seen Reading and Biblioasis schemed to unleash the murder they suspect is lurking in the dark little heart of every writer. Click here to view the top submissions to their Revenge-Lit contest.

Here's the baffling book trailer, followed by flap copy for those of us who are left in a fog. (Those exotic Canadians, you know...)

Terry Griggs's Thought You Were Dead book trailer (take 2) from Biblioasis Press on Vimeo.

"Meet the Perfect Man...no, no, he's not the hero of "Thought You Were Dead". That would be Chellis Beith, literary researcher, slacker, reluctant detective, and a man bedevilled by every woman in his life. There's his lost love, Elaine Champion, a now happily married inventor who uses him for market research, his best friend's dotty ex-wife, Moe, his two vanished mothers, and his menacing boss, Athena Havlock, a celebrated writer who herself becomes embroiled in the dark side of fiction. The humour is wild, the language a thrill, the mystery within marvelously deft and daft. And as for the Perfect Man...well, nothing is as it seems. Is it? "Thought You Were Dead" is the most unconventional of all murder mysteries, turning the genre completely on its head, bludgeoning flat language and Puritanical sensibilities with evident glee, and is further evidence that Terry Griggs is sui generis: an original and completely inimitable literary voice."


Wow, that's one strange and perplexing book trailer. The book sounds strange and perplexing, too. Hopefully, in a good way.
Joni Rodgers said…
I have to say it made me curious.

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