Well, Duh. Of course We're Smart

Over at USA Today, they're acknowledging the smartitude of certain women writers. Romance writers (gasp.)

We're like all surprised. (Wink)

Thanks to author Jill Monroe for the link.

Pictured, Ivy league Professor Mary Bly, a.k.a. romance author Eloisa James, who writes brilliant historical romances. And no, she's not the only one.


Joni Rodgers said…
Even though I'm not a romance writer, I know what it feels like to be in a genre that gets dissed a lot -- ghostwriting celeb memoirs -- so it turned my head around when I heard Susan Wiggs speak at an RWA event. She made the incredibly right on comment: "So many things are stacked against me in this industry. I don't need people telling me my books aren't important enough."
Speaking of smart romance/women's fic writers, Wiggs is definitely on the shortlist! But I've meant some amazingly bright women who write genre. And more recently, celeb memoirs. ;)

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