Chasing Sound (Go with God, Les Paul.)

In my earliest memories, I'm curled up in my dad's guitar case (yes, it was open!) listening to him riff on "The World is Waiting for the Sunrise." I learned about Les Paul in the same context as Beethoven or Mozart. He was...well, he was Les Paul. A great man, nice guy, insanely virtuosic guitarist, and brilliant inventor. One of the great artists who showed us how to live a healthy, hard-working artistic life. Go with God, Les.

Chasing Sound is an authorized film biography that chronicles Les Paul's extraordinary life and career including his partnership with his great love, Mary Ford, and the NY gigs he played right up until a few weeks ago.


fortune said…
Thanks for a great video Joni.
It was my (few) high school years when Les and Mary Ford were creating the great music. The Late Night Dee Jay was king of the radio during those years and we would tune in to Uncle Sev Widman on WCCO 830 Minneapolis. There would be Les & Mary, along with Mantovani(Charmaine) Frankie Laine, Tony Bennet and all the others. Radion was really something in those years. The L.P. video brought them back. At 16 I bought a Fender Telecastor and my friend Denny McGuire bought a Les Paul Gibson. We would constantly badger each other about how we could make such a terrible mistake as to purchase that horrible guitar. I always won by reminding him how top heavy and hard to hold the dumb Gibson was. Thanks Joni. Moms got supper ready. Gotta run.

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