Sunday Fun: Inkygirl's Unhappy Muse

Unhappy Muse

So what sort of snackage does your muse demand? Is is chocolate, cashews, Diet Coke, or Jelly Bellys (one of my muse's personal favorites)? Do you run on caffeine or Jim Beam while writing?

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Christie Craig said…

My muse loves Cheetos.

Thanks for the chuckle. And I think it's like everything in life, you can't completely deny your muse of the good things, just in moderation.

Loretta said…
You know, I never thought of it that way (blaming, uh feeding my muse!:) What a unique way of finding a loophole in the food chain!
Now my muse is male, I'm sure of it. (Don't know how I know this, just do) And I'm sure he understands I'm diabetic. So he loves diet coke for the caffeine ( I don't drink many carbonated things so the diet coke sets my muse's feet to happy dancing:) And nuts, he favor's cashew's (which "I" try to stay away from) But, his favorite thing is chewing gum...I'm suspicious that all that jaw movement means he was a smoker in his past life(WG)...

In a coincidence, I was just mourning the American Heart Association's new guidelines for sugar intake--6 teaspoons! My muse wants Dr Pepper floats.
Loretta said…
Not to worry Heather! There's sugar free/no sugar added ice cream all over the place!!

Let that muse of yours run rampant! When he yell's FEEEED ME!...(??? that's not plagiarism is it?;!:)) can fill up that glass with no guilt!

Linda Warren said…
Hershey's kisses followed by diet Dr. Pepper.

Makes sense to my muse.

Loved the post.
I chew a lot of spearmint gum while writing. Am pack a day chewer. :) And Bluebell ice cream sandwiches... don't get me started.
I chew a *lot* of sugarfree spearmint gum while writing. Am sometimes a pack a day chewer. :) And Bluebell ice cream sandwiches... don't get me started. But I have to strictly limit myself on those.
Suzan Harden said…
Diet Pepsi or iced tea in the summer. Coffee or hot Earl Grey tea in the winter. Lindor's black label truffles year round (though I limit the muse to three a day).

Word ver.: agness

Hmmm, I think one of my secondary characters is dropping hints that she wants her own book.
EmilyBryan said…
Cherry Coke Zero--It's the water of life!

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