You'll Laugh, You'll Wince... You Might Even Recognize Yourself Here

I was bopping around the web checking out Dorchester Editor Leah Hultenschmidt's Romantic Reads blog when I came across this book teaser video for Bill Folman's political satire, The Scandal Plan. I probably would've passed on a ten-minute teaser, but Leah said it was hilarious, so I clicked... and laughed my head off.

If you've ever poured your heart and soul into a book, then wondered what the heck you'd have to do to make anyone -- anyone at all -- pay one lick of attention, you've gotta see this send-up of Folman's efforts to get folks to give his book a whirl.

Trust me on this one. Check it out - and Bill Folman's website, too. If he's this funny in film, the novel sounds like a great bet.


Anonymous said…
This was hilarious, Colleen! Thanks!

Linda Warren said…
Thanks. I needed a laugh today. Linda
So glad you enjoyed it. So funny!
Jo Anne said…
Anything for that big sale... :-) Too funny, Colleen.
TJ Bennett said…
Too funny. Especially the Oprah comment. Especially because I've actually had someone say that to me. That and, "Oh, you should get an agent" once when I was starting out and having trouble selling my book.

Ya think?

Joni Rodgers said…
That is a hoot.

("Go on Oprah"...oh, Lord, if I had a dime for every time.)
Teri Thackston said…
Hilarious! Thanks for sharing this...I almost fell off my chair at the end.
Theresa Lehr said…
I laughed every other second! What fun this must have been to write and film!
Phyllis Bourne said…
Thanks, Colleen! Loved it!!!

I've gotten the, "Let me tell you about my book..."
JC Coy said…
Too funny.

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