Get your Jack Imel on! (The writing life is all about multi-tasking.)

"What separates the men from the boys in this business is the ability to multi-task." Wise words from an editor I worked with at Random House a while back. We were talking about the overlapping timelines on two projects that had me editing and writing at the same time. It can be crazy-making, but a successful writing life requires the ability to compartmentalize projects and isolate the muscles you need to do more than one thing at a time. Throw motherhood into that mix, and you're seriously...tap dancing.

Spend a moment with the great Jack Imel from the old Lawrence Welk Show, then get into your jazz pants and have a great day.


Now there's a blast from the past! I'm digging on that Brylcreme (or however you spell it) hairstyle and trying to remember when the cool musicians wore suits and ties. :)

And it's definitely about multitasking. A working author's often promoting one release, writing another, and editing a third. In fact, I'm pretty sure there's a rule requiring edits/page proofs to arrive when you're hard on the heels of another writing deadline.

I can still hear the echo of my scream the day, as we packed the car to drive to grandma's on Christmas Eve morning, the $#@! DHL truck pulled up with a set of galleys. And they weren't even gift wrapped.

Some present... due back to NYC by Jan. 2nd, or something like that.

(Must suppress flashback.)
Mylène said…
It's also about getting past the idea that you have to be in a certain "mood" to do anything related to writing. Mood-schmood!
Work work work!
Joni Rodgers said…

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