New Cover Art

I admit it. One of my very favorite parts of being an author (other than interacting with happy readers!) is opening a new piece of cover art. Whenever I receive one, I hold my breath like a little kid about to open birthday presents. And yes, I'm praying for the pony instead of sensible new socks and undies. Or worse yet (gasp), something educational.

I think I got the pony this time, with my cover for my March 2010 release, Touch of Evil. Though it's sexier than my past covers, it conveys the story and its characters nicely.

Hope you'll forgive my sloppy scan. This was the best I could manage for some reason.

Here's a sneak peek at the back cover copy, too.


The noose cuts off all air, leaving its victim struggling hopelessly against death. One by one, the members of a small town zydeco band are being murdered by a macabre killer.


Sheriff Justine Wofford is boxed in on all sides, investigating a series of gruesome hangings everyone else considers suicide. Hospitalized by a severe blow to the head, unable to remember the details of the attack, under fire from her own department, she reaches out to the man she’s sworn to avoid at any cost.


Their affair was a close-kept secret, their bodies coming together with explosive heat even as she tried to maintain emotional distance. But now Justine can’t stay away from Ross. Somehow, he’s mixed up in this case and his hold on her is only getting tighter.


Christie Craig said…

I like it Colleen!!

It is sexy.

Thanks, Christie! I do, too.

Nice seeing you today.
Anonymous said…
Excellent cover! And Wow, what an interesting premise!
Thanks so much, Anon!
I LOVE it, Colleen!!! Very, very eye catching. You definitely got the pony on this one.
Thanks, Elisabeth! I've loved the covers Dorchester's done for your rom. suspenses, too. (And really enjoyed reading STOLEN FURY, by the way!)
Teri Thackston said…
You've gotten some good covers in the past but this one is super!
Thanks, Teri!

And thanks to Joni for fixing my graphic!
Suzan Harden said…
I think this one beats the rest!

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