Worst blog buddy in the world here (but I promise to do better)

Just glancing over the last week or so of posts and had to say thanks to Colleen for making the blog worthwhile. I've been buried and haven't added much. I'm turning a corner, however. I'll be back in my natural habitat soon and my list of author interviews is piling up. Almost a dozen terrific authors are patiently waiting for me to swim to the surface, so watch this space for some enlightened Q&A from the people who are launching fall books. You also be seeing a few interesting interviews with publishing pros. (Pay attention if you're a launchee.)

Also on my To Do list is a revamp of our "Feed Me" sidebar, which I'm planning to split into four shorter lists featuring Author, PR, Publishing News, and Reader feeds. Post a comment here clue me in if there's a great writing/publishing blog you'd like us to be aware of.

Meanwhile, thanks for so generously sharing the hard-won lessons of the writing life, Colleen. I promise to be a better blog buddy in the not too distant future.

(Above: Detail from "Remorse" by Salvador Dali)


Write on, Joni, and pop by as you're able!
scaryazeri said…
This is a very pretty blog! I always can rely on following Janet Reid on twitter to find more fascinating writers and their blogs.

thank you,

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