Elizabeth Gilbert talks about the origins of genius (and where one goes after everywhere)

Whatever you're doing, writing, being, buying, selling, ramma-jamming today, I hope you'll spare twenty minutes for these wise and comforting words from Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love and the forthcoming Committed: a Skeptic Makes Peace With Marriage.


Janet Little said…
Thank you for sharing that! It was the single most inspiring and true speech I've ever heard about creativity! I am in a moment when the daemon is speaking and I can't take my hands off the wheel of real world tasks. Before hearing this speech I felt frazzled- now I've just looked up into the corner of the room and said, "Can you come back this afternoon? Meanwhile I'll keep a pen and piece of paper with me."
This is terrific. Well worth the listen! May today bring a little genius into all our lives.
Joni Rodgers said…
This whole talk really resonated with me. She has such a realistic handle on how the esoterica dovetails with a baseline of "do the job."

Janet, so happy to see you pop up! Enjoy your afternoon revel with the daemon. See you in the spring!

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