Dear Cancer, This hurts you more than it hurts me. (Write a letter and raise $$ for the American Cancer Society)

Dear Cancer,

Stop calling me. We are not getting back together.

I learned a lot from our relationship, but I'm with Life now, and we're really happy together. I don't want to hear from you again.

Not to be rude, suck.

Goodbye forever.

Joni R
Write a letter and tell cancer how you really feel! It'll do us all some good. Varian (a cancer imaging technology company) will donate $10 to the American Cancer Society for every letter that appears on their website, up to $100,000.00. Click here to read my letter and post your own and visit the American Cancer Society online to find out more about amazing research being funded.


Good one! I went and wrote one, too. Thanks for sharing this.
marjorie said…
great letter. i did too. thanks for telling us about this...i'll spread the word as well.
Karen said…
Good letter! Short & sweet-not!
Here's a link to mine.

Glad to earn the ten buck for the ACS!

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