Dear Santa, Bring Me a Clue

Dear Santa,

This year, I've been a very diligent and hard-working writer this year...

Oh, you say you've been watching this past week, as I've done everything possible to avoid work? Um, then I submit you're not seeing the deep turmoil and self-loathing that goes on while I struggle with a single question: what to work on next.

I'd just as soon move forward with one of the proposals I've submitted, but absent of feedback, I'd really rather not. I have what I could've sworn was a slam-bang idea for another proposal I've been noodling with, but the words are lying like dead slugs on the paper. I can't get into the protagonist's head and don't really want to hang out with her for 400 pages.

So Santa, could you bring me a character, a strong, true heroine to accompany through the plot line? A force to be reckoned with who smacks up hard against the smooth face of an insurmountable problem? If you have room in your bag, could you also squeeze in an unforgettable hero, a fascinating setting, and wrap 'em all up in shiny twists and turns?

While writing this post, I'm mentally twisting around my original idea and looking at if from all different angles... including one that just may be the foothold I need to reanimate those dead slugs and come up with the sympathetic protagonist I've lacked.

So thanks, Santa! Cookies will be on the table, and maybe a shot of something a little stronger than cow's milk to get you through the long, cold night!

P.S. - Enjoy the video of Eartha Kitt's scrumptious "Santa Baby!"


Gillian Layne said…
Oh my goodness, Thank you for the laugh! I was cracking up by the time I read the title, and with this Christmas blizzard coming to us in the midwest (why oh why couldn't it wait a day or two?), I can use something to smile about. :)
Nancy J. Parra said…
Thanks for the fun. (Were you reading my mind? lol)
Happy Christmas!

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