Monty Python's Working Class Playwright ("It could express a vital theme of our age!")

Spent the last couple weeks writing in snowy seclusion and profoundly nurturing peace next to the big window in my parents' downstairs family room. My long hours were no cause for concern. My obsession with my current project didn't raise an eyebrow. My coffee break yacking about all things publishing was accepted with nods and smiles. It's a luxury to be the child of creative types. Back in my office in Houston today, I'm taking a moment to appreciate that.

And then there's this...


Welcome home, Joni! Nice to have you back in town.

LMAO at this clip. Love Monty Python, and the twist on the usual set up's a riot!

"One day you'll learn there's more to life than culture! There's dirt and smoke and..."
TJ Bennett said…
Ahh. Thanks for the Monty Python fix. I was starting to twitch from lack of sarcasm. :-)


janet little said…
Thanks for the sublime Monty Python.
Your parents sound so cool.

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