My "Italian" writing

The good news: I made lots of progress today on the replotting of the first part of my novel. The bad news: Mark sneaked up behind me and FILMED it. Here's a snippet. This is what he calls my "Italian side" coming out, which is pretty funny, because as far as I know, I have no Italian heritage. The other irony is that I was so into what I was doing I didn't even hear him, and he was right there!

Now you tell me: am I the only person who talks to her computer this way? :)


and the big roll of paper towels is there because I kept wiping off the white board . . .
Definitely in the zone there! LOL.
Robin said…
Kathryn, bella....too funny! I murmur and wave at my computer all the time, too. Pretty soon some future hot shot (perhaps laboring in her garage) will make a computer capable of answering us. Or maybe one is out there already, ready to be the fiction writer's best friend?
Mylène said…
Writing is movement! Writing IS movement!
blossoming said…
Love it! I talk back to my computer when it's misbehaving, and talk to myself constantly while I'm writing. Mostly things like "no, you don't need to get up and have a snack right now - finish this sentence first."

Joy said…
That's too funny! I talk to my paper like that (I write longhand and then I type it in!)

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