Hang on! Colleen Thompson's "Touch of Evil" hits bookstores this week!

In bookstores this week: Touch of Evil, novel #16 from my home girl, Colleen Thompson. Here's a review by the fabulous Jo Anne Banker.

Beneath every innocent small town, with its friendly faces, the familiarity of family, and the comfort of acquaintances known since childhood, exists an alternate world of greed, gossip, petty jealousy, and personal failures that can easily slide into a touch of evil.

Sheriff Justine Wofford's personal failures have left her alone raising her nine-year-old, autistic son, Noah. She also finds herself under investigation by Texas Rangers when financial problems prompt her to accept without question extraneous funds that appear in her late husband's bank account. Too late does she realize the good `ole boy network of business men in Dogwood, Texas expect a return on their investment in the form of awarded county budget contracts and her "looking the other way" when necessary.

She's even blown the only good thing to come into her life recently, Dr. Ross Bollinger, an emergency room doctor who won Noah's trust and Justine's heart. But he broke it off with her after a torrid, six-week affair, leaving her once again alone.

A rash of hangings at Bone Lake, which appear to be suicides, leaves Justine with little time to focus on anything but her job, which includes butting heads with her red-necked deputies who believe the sheriff should be a man.

Ross Bollinger has been away for several months, incapacitated with a heart virus, and is shocked to find that his young cousin Laney has not only lost her boyfriend, but is the only surviving member of her zydeco band, the others all dreadfully dead by their own hand. When Laney is threatened, and Justine is attacked, Ross must again deal with his feelings for the town's sheriff, a woman who refused to give him anything but hot sex when he wanted so much more.

Justine doesn't believe the hangings are suicides, and will not close the files. Instead, she broadens her investigation, checking for similar deaths in the state, looking for any signs of foul play. When a deputy is shot, and her young son is threatened, the sheriff will risk all to solve the crime, including life and love.

Colleen Thompson has written the quintessential romantic suspense novel, filled with mystery and intrigue, situations that shimmer with ambiguity, only to come into clear focus when explained, and a romance filled with impossible conflicts overcome by the intensity, heat and emotion of true love. This is an exciting page-turner, with a stomach clenching climax and a sigh-of-relief ending.

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GOFIGHTWIN Colleeny book! (And thanks, Jo Anne, for letting me multi-task the sweet write up!)


Thanks so much, Joni, and thank you to Jo Anne, too!
Suzan Harden said…
Oooooo, MIL will be so excited! She loves your books!
Mylène said…
Hooray! Any chance you'll do an appearance before I leave town (March 10)?
Thank you, Suzan and Mylene!

And Mylene, I'm afraid my first signing in Houston will be Mar. 20th. Still hope to meet you before then! Thanks for asking.
EEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Congratulations, Colleen! So proud of you!
Thanks so much, Kathryn! It's always a whirlwind of busy-ness at release time, but every now and then, it's great to stop and say wheeeee!

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