Gotta see "The Ghost Writer"

Okay, how am I NOT going to see this movie today? Two lines from the trailer that got a big "True that!" from me:

"I interview you and turn your answers into prose." An exactly correct explanation of what I do for my clients.

"Inviting the ghostwriter to the book party is like having the mistress at the wedding." Seconded.

Him (to prime minister's wife): "Didn't you ever want to be a proper politician yourself?"
Her: "Didn't you ever want to be a proper writer?"

And I have no trouble believing: "It was the book that killed him!"

I'll let you know how it goes down.


arlee bird said…
This is on my must see list. Polanski is one of my favorite directors. But what about his scandal? How does that affect you?
I posted about the suggested boycott and some of the comments were quite interesting.

Roman Polanski Boycott?
Mylène said…
My favorite line in this movie (which I saw a few days ago):

"You can't drown TWO ghost writers; they aren't KITTENS!"
請客 said…
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