Buy this Book: World War Z by Max Brooks

"What if the enemy can't be shocked and awed? Not just won't, but biologically can't!" The answer is gruesomely laid out in Max Brooks' "oral history" of the seriously scary (but sometimes funny and surprisingly poignant) world that remains after zombies overrun virtually the entire globe. My son bugged me to read this book for years, and I kept kind of smiling and nodding as if I was actually going to read it. Then I actually read it. And I loved it. I'm not a zombie book person, I gotta tell ya, but I am a person who loved a well-written, riveting story. World War Z came up in conversation recently with an aspiring author who asked me for an example of what I meant when I said "world-building." One of the best examples I've ever seen.


I'm not a zombie person either, but that book sounds awesome. Thanks for the recommendation.
Joni bugged me to read it until I did. I loved it and bugged my college kid to read it, and he's passed on the rec to friends, too.

And so it is, word of mouth happens...

Fascinating, intriguing, and utterly original read.

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