By this book: Todd Johnson's "The Sweet By and By"

Todd Johnson's debut novel, fresh out in paperback. Last year, the hardcover release scored a sweet blurb from another debut author who was about to seriously blow up. Kathryn Stockett, author of The Help, says, “I am in love with this book -- the language, the story, the sass. Five women bickering, judging, loving, growing old together. You won’t stop laughing, even when your heart is hurting. Keep a pencil close -- you’ll be underlining all your favorite, funny lines.”

Adriana Trigiani calls it "heartfelt and stunning." PW cracked on him for plotting, but conceded “the underlying message of the power of love and friendship resonates, as does its depiction of the way in which people leading unremarkable lives can have a tremendous impact on those around them.”

Meanwhile, Todd Johnson's website is a great one for emerging authors to check out. Everything that could be done for this book is being done and done right. And it seems to be working.

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