Friday, April 09, 2010

Celebrate Your Writing-Week

Do you do this as often as you should?

It's Friday. Look back. See what you've done. Did you manage to get a word or two down on the page this week? If so, close your eyes and pretend you're rolling in clover. Better yet, go out and do it. Scratch your back with the grass. Good girl. Good boy. Good writer. Good writer!

Did you write reams, and some of it was even worth keeping? This calls for food. You deserve your bowl filled with something nice. Go out to dinner. Dessert may be called for. Wine. Replenish your body. Words can take a little of the nutriment out of you, even when they feel exhilarating. Go fill back up. Good writer. Good writer.

Did you not write a lick this week, but you thought a hell of a lot about it, and resolved some tricky problem in your mind, and can't wait for the chance to get to it? Well just roll that around on your tongue a bit. Tastes good, doesn't it? Makes you hungry again. Hunger is also good. Celebrate it. Good writer.

Did you not write a lick, or have a chance to think about writing much at all, but the weekend is coming, and next week too, and you've set time aside, you have, and you know you will do it, you are committed to writing, you have done it before and you know you will do it again, and you know that you know it, and you are right? Celebrate that. Resolve is not empty. Good writer.

Did you hit a block, and not push through? Did you write nothing, had no plans to write, no time to write, but long to write again? Do you long to write? Do you? Do you understand this longing is the first element, the water required to grow the clover? Can you celebrate that? At least for now? Can you do that? Can you honor that?

Good writer. Good. Writer.


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