Change is good...right? (Let us know how you feel about our new look.)

It's inevitable. Along with death and (dare I say it today?) taxes, change happens. We're evolving here at the ol' blog this spring, changing things up in an effort to better bring together the information, inspiration, and prestidigitation it takes to succeed in the publishing industry these days. We've added a boatload of links to our Feed Me bar on the right and categorized them for easier reference. We'll be introducing a few new blog crew members, featuring terrific author interviews, putting the Q&A to some knowledgeable industry types, stepping up our reviews, handselling and giving some face time to deserving books in all genres.

We want to hear from you! What do you love? What do you hate? What are some of the questions you'd like to see answered by authors, agents, editors, and PR mavens? And most important, what are you reading?


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