Amazon bestseller list will be for best sellers (as opposed to most popular giveaways)

This today from Rachel Deahl at PW:
For some in publishing it may be a curiosity, for others a point of contention—Amazon’s practice of including free downloads in its list of most popular Kindle titles. It will soon no longer be an issue. A representive at the e-tailer has confirmed that the company will soon be dividing the bestseller list in two, one for paid books and the other for free titles. The date for the switch is vague—the rep for Amazon would only say it will happen in “a few weeks”—but the switch will certainly be noticed many in the industry.
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That's fair. I'm glad they're making the change. Because the true measure of a book's popularity (and ultimate commercial success) is the number of people willing to pay for it.
Amen, sister(s). I always thought it was wrong to have the two together.
Mylène said…
If only the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin really was kicking Sarah Palin's ass.
Making that's his way of expressing disapproval from the grave, Mylene?

Nice thought, but...
Fred Ramey said…
From your keyboard to the ear of What-One-Day-Might-Have-Been.

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