Astute observation from Atria's Judith Curr

From PW article "Wharton School New York Event Tackles the Future of Publishing":
At the opening session of the Wharton School's Future of Publishing conference, held April 30 at the Marriott Marquis in New York, Atria's Judith Curr offered an interesting observation. Despite all the talk in recent years about the "demise of publishing," Curr said, "everyone wants to get into it."
Reminds me of the old Woody Allen line: "The food in this restaurant is terrible. And such small portions!"


Thad McIlroy said…
People used to want to get into publishing because they were frustrated authors and publishing at least paid the bills (barely) and created the illusion that you were closer to literature, and author genius might be discovered to be contagious.

Add in the high tech hype of Kindles and Steve Jobs and it sounds like you could even make money. Things should get back to normal in due course.

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