BoxOcto's week in a nutshell

We had a pretty lively week here at BoxOcto. Three terrific author fly-bys, a couple LOL moments, and a few deep and thinky thoughts...
Joni said Buy This Book! The Singer's Gun
Nate invited you to a horror writers' roundtable. (Don't look in the soup tureen!)
Mylene eavesdropped on the conversation inside a writer's head.
Dr. KatPat called in the Phony Police.

Fred had 3Qs for author Emily St. John Mandel.
Colleen went viral with hilarious Bronte Girls Gone Wild.

Prolific Rita Nom Kylie Brant took us from Point A(agent) to Point B(book).
Amazon rethinkified their Kindle bestsellers.
New Authors Guild Pres Scott Turow called out the pirates.
Fred cracked us up with this important lesson from Mana3.

Thursday facilitated global good karma.
Joni offered a memoir guru's take on Laura Bush's new memoir.

Rockin' Kate Rockland chatted up her book, Falling Is Like This.

Colleen cut through the noise and cracked us up with a video of Darth Vader voiceover sesh.
President Obama's proclamation and an Armed Forces Day saaaaaaalute!

Tune in next week for more author interviews, book reviews, and publishing palaver.


LOVE this wrap up! We should do this every week!

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