"Ghost Story" is Blog of the Day

As some of ya'll know, I run a creative non-fiction blog called American Stories NOW, featuring tales from my travels around the country (and from other writers' travels as well--I do love a shared space). Over the weekend I posted (smiles to Kat here) "Ghost Story"--an account of my recent stop, on the way from Texas to Utah, to visit the oldest cemetery in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Today "Ghost Story" has been named Blog of the Day over at the Red Room, one of my favorite writers' salons on the web. If you're not familiar with RR, check it out--it's a great place to meet other authors and promote work. A quick excerpt from the post:

"Pull through the gates in late winter or early spring, and what you'll find are bare trees. Dead weeds. Row after row of gravel lanes, pocked with holes where the prairie dogs have burrowed under the caskets. Headstones marked with German names. Hispanic names. Some dating to the Civil War. Some, older still, broken away, names missing. Some of the newest are handmade . . . In one corner lie nothing but children . . . "Baby Boy." "Baby Lady." "Whom," one inscription goes on, "our arms never held, yet now hold so dear."

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Joni Rodgers said…
Good on you, Mylene!

By the way, everyone, American Stories NOW is in the authors section of our FeedMe bar on the right.
I just loved your ghost story, Mylene. Wonderfully evocative. I hope everyone clicks over.

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