I think this is love

Every once in a while, a review comes along that really nails what you were trying to create when writing a novel, and you get the sense that the reviewer was there with you, looking over your shoulder and nodding with each careful characterization and plot twist. It's that same feeling you get when you meet someone new, and you're sitting over a cup of coffee talking about something important to you, and that person is smiling and nodding and finishing your sentences with excitement as if they feel exactly the same way. It's what we writers live for, that sense that someone else out there "gets it--" whatever "it" might be.

This is one of those. And I'm pretty darn happy about it. :)


Wonderful review! Congratulations, Nate!

And you're right - I am occasionally seized with a desire to run off and marry the reviewer who absolutely "got it."

Then my husband sneaks off with the remote and reminds me I'm already otherwise engaged. ;) Plus, it would be disconcerting to the reviewer who thought I was so masterful to have to deal with the real, unedited me.
Joni Rodgers said…
Mylène said…
Hooray, Nate!

I love the term "dark fiction," which does more justice to the form than other terms that float about.

Do you agree with the reviewer that it's your best?
kenyonn2000 said…
Thanks all. Yes, Mylene, I do agree it's my best--it might not be my most polished in terms of the language--I'd probably name THE REACH there--but then again it's not supposed to be, since it's narrated by a teenager. In terms of energy, momentum, emotion, that indescribable "page-turning-ness" quality? Absolutely yes, my best by far. :)
Awesome. And kudos to you for all that great work!

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