Kiva fights poverty by connecting people around the world

Yesterday, my dad turned me on to this amazing organization called Kiva, through which individuals around the world receive micro-loans from other individuals around the world. When borrowers repay the loan, you have the option of being paid back or loaning the money out again.

I logged on today and made my first couple loans. Without a doubt the most fun I've ever had on the computer. Scanning through the loan requests, I came upon this profile of a guy looking to borrow money to restock inventory in his little store.
Jose Ibraham Colindres is 61 years old, and married to Santos Raquel Cabrera. They have no dependents, and their children live in the United States. Jose and his wife have a lovely home, get along well, work together, and love one another. They have a business in their house, a general store where they sell basic items needed by families. They also have income from a taxi. He will use the loan to buy grains, fresh goods, meats, and sausages. His greatest desire to be in good health, to continue working hard alongside his wife. (Translated from Spanish by Mary Jane Wilkie, Kiva Volunteer)
Jose and his wife were looking to borrow $1125. Well, I can't spring for $1125, but with fifty bucks from me and about thirty donations from other folks, he's hooked up and back in business. How great is that? Visit for more info. And bring Kleenex. I found myself newly reminded of the power of personal stories.


I love this idea - instead of offering a handout, it's a hand up that empowers in the long rather than the short run. Glad you shared!

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