Literary heavy hitters come out swinging on behalf of foundering SMU Press

Respect and appreciation to well-known literary figures, including novelists Ann Beattie, Madison Smartt Bell, Abraham Verghese, who spoke out after word went out this week that SMU Press would be suspending operations June 1.

According to the Texas Pages blog, John Dufresne, novelist and a Florida International University professor says, "I have long sung the praises of SMU Press as the finest small press in the country as far as publishing quality literary fiction goes. It is disheartening to think that the university administration puts such little value in literature, not to mention in the well-being of its long-time employees. This a blow to the national literary community."

Meanwhile, Jennifer Howard has this to say in the Chronicle of Higher Education.


Jan Michael said…
SMU Press growing widely as I know.
I go public to find more information with them.

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