New Writing Buddy

I have a new sidekick and I'm really psyched. His name is Gus, and he's a Ragdoll/Maine Coon mix Mark and I adopted from a local animal control. My last writing buddy, Tito, is actually how I hurt my back--he had cancer and wasn't eating; I twisted the wrong way trying to force him to and lost my balance. When we had to put Tito down last month, it was like ripping my heart out. I couldn't even go along with Mark to have it done. So enter into my life two beautiful new companions, Mali, a scrappy little Burmese, and Gus, this wonderful boy twice her size. Now our little cat "family" is complete, and what's even better is that Gus already "knows" his place. Right there sprawled out in front of the monitor, loving on a student poem. Now, just as long as he doesn't stand up and block the screen. :)


Anonymous said…
What a handsome fella! Kitties made the best writing companions. I use mine as editors and read my work out loud to them. If they look bored, yawn, or walk away it's time for an edit! :)
What a beautiful kitty! I'm so glad you rescued him from a shelter! That's where I find ALL the naughtiest dogs... but they're still the best friends ever.
We just got our last two cats from shelters--Mali, the "scrappy burmese," and Gus. But except for one, all of the cats I've had have been either from shelters or strays that just "found" me. In the past 18 months, we've lost three of four cats, so we were due for two more, although they don't replace the others, of course. I'm hoping these two live a good long time, and that my Cougar (who is almost 11) will still have a few more years as well. Our Brandy cat was 19 when we had to put her down in January, so we definitely have a long track record. :)

And I hear you about the "best friends ever." They really are, aren't they?

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