Oy, what a week!

BEA week has come and gone. We kept an eye on things with headlines and a few relevant twitter feeds at the top of our FeedMe bar, but kept the big picture in view.

Colleen pondered the joys of literary larceny.

Nate's Sparrow Rock got some big love from Dark Scribe.

BEA Director of Education Mark Dressler wrangled with the future.

Mike Bender and Doug Chernack's Awkward Family Photos still cracks me up.

Parnell Hall sang us a booksigning ballad.

We got BEAlicious with the opening of BEA.

Mylene contemplated the bruises left by the best stories.

Nancy's Theory of Style looks good coming and going.

CEOs speak up and editors bust out the buzz at BEA.

Author Marta Acosta discusses genre-hopping as Grace Coopersmith.

Springfield, monkey sex, giant typewriter--what's not to love about BEA10?

Author Christie Craig pops in to discuss her new novel, Shut Up and Kiss Me.

Dorchester authors share writing advice and books.

PBS Newshour wrapped BEA with Scott Turow, Tattered Cover's Cathy Langer, and FSG's Jonathan Galaszzzzzzzzzzz.

Joni waxed rhapsodic about Elise Blackwell's An Unfinished Score.

Dennis Hopper leaves us with Rudyard Kipling's "If".


Another great wrap up, Joni!

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