Parnell Hall's Hilarious Take on Book Signings

You know you're an author if you

1. wince while laughing at this.

2. have PTSD-induced flashbacks.

3. feel intense (if guilty) relief that you're not the only one who's experienced a lousy table signing.

4. have downgraded your hopes for signings from a Nora Roberts-worthy line of admirers to just enough to save you from Certain Humiliation.

5. have alienated friends by humbly imploring them to show up (at repeated signings, even!) to save you from the aforementioned Certain Humiliation.

You know you're an author's very best friend in the wide world (and building awesome karma) if you

1. show up.

2. bring a friend or two

3. talk to her so she won't feel lonely/pathetic.

4. have ever bought a second or even third copy to give away.

5. Go and check out Parnell Hall's funny, clever Puzzle Lady series. I've heard great things about these mysteries!


Mylène said…
I'll be humming this all day.
I LOVE it!! Both the song and the sentiment. Thanks for sharing (and thanks to him for writing it). I will be looking for his books!
Joni Rodgers said…
Colleen, I think you and Christie Craig have mastered the table signing.
Christie's really great... and I have my moments. But the real secret's letting go of one's attachment to results. Which is either Zen or Buddhist or Star Wars but a healthy way of handling things we can't control.
jenny milchman said…
I keep saying, this is going to go viral, and Parnell will not be able to maneuver into his own signings for all the attendees!
I'm sure that would break his heart, Jenny. VBG!

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