Thought for Monday: Difficult is better than cool.

Today on Guardian, Robert McCrum is talking about The Secret of Creativity and quotes the "wonderfully transgressive" Grayson Perry:
"Being creative is all about being unself-conscious; being prepared to make a bit of a fool of myself. In my experience, embarrassment is not fatal." He followed this with some remarks about the dangers of "cool", and concluded: "I'd like to make a plea for difficulty over cool. In the end, being difficult is the coolest thing you can be."
Click here to read the rest and have a very uncool week.


Thanks, Joni. I really needed to read that particular message today. When I post later on, you'll see why. (Hint: it has something to do with the pitches and queries I've been working on . . . )

But aside from the aspects of talking about one's work, there's also the other aspect of what McCrum is talking about--how do we go into that darkness and silence if it is so very difficult to find a space there?

Sigh. Will check in later. Restructuring Part 1 for the FIFTH time.

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