Welcoming Nate Kenyon to our blog crew

Novelist Nate Kenyon thought he'd faced his worst nightmare. Not a chance. He's now been sucked into the swirling maelstrom of booktastica, tome-pimping, and thinky thoughts that is our blog.

Nate's critically acclaimed debut novel, Bloodstone, was a Bram Stoker Award finalist in hardcover, won the P&E Horror Novel of the Year, and is one of Five Star’s all time bestselling speculative fiction titles. His second novel, The Reach, scored a starred review from PW and was recently optioned for film. Then came, The Bone Factory, and this month, Sparrow Rock, a fresh take on the end of the world.

Nate's currently in deadline hell (where the gate is guarded by the little girl pictured here), but will be chiming in whenever he gets a minute about books, the biz, and his life as a successful young horror writing mochine.

Welcome aboard, Nate!


Fresh meat! she cried (innocently.)

Seriously, Nate, so glad you're coming aboard the Octopus! Welcome!
Mylène said…
Welcome to our newest tentacle-cutter!
Welcome, Nate! Hey, do we now have eight people?? If we have eight, maybe each of us can do battle with one of the arms?

But seriously, I'm looking forward to hearing from you, especially since I flirt with horror myself. And your books sound goosebump good! :)
kenyonn2000 said…
Thank you everyone! I'm quite thrilled to be here. Colleen opened the door, and Joni enticed me to step through to the other side. So far it's quite pretty here, but I keep waiting for those tentacles to reach up and pull me down, into the depths... :)

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