Dear friends, I have a new post up at American Stories NOW called "Tango"--sometimes I'm so moved by the simple stories people tell me, and that I get to write down. An excerpt:

"At the beginning of every school year," Becky says, "I ask my students what they would like their goal for that year to be. What they want to accomplish. What they would like me to help them with. And Ellis, he raised his hand, and he said,

"'I want to walk.'"

If you have a story you'd like to share, please let me know. I'd be delighted to post it.



This is so beautiful, Mylene. Thanks so much for sharing.

You should've posted a Kleenex alert with it, though!

For anyone who loves stories of rescued lives, both animal and human...
Mylène said…
I should have, Colleen. I got all choked up writing it, and since we're all writers here--look how all I did was right down the facts as told to me. No fancy adjectives, no weepy adverbs. Just the story. The story was enough. The boy was enough. Thank you, Becky.
I'm going to go on that ghost tour of Galveston Sunday (finally), and I'm going to see if the guy who runs it will let me interview him. If so, I will definitely be sending you something. (I might also have something from one of my prison students soon)
Great post.
Mylène said…
Kathryn, that would be great! I lived in Galveston for five years and never took that tour. Would love to hear about it.

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