Joni's Tribute to Rue McClanahan

Today, the Houston Chronicle published our own Joni Rodger's moving tribute to her recently-departed friend and client, Rue McClanahan.

I was touched to see that Joni donated her fee from the piece to Susan G. Komen, for the Cure. A breast cancer survivor and speaker for the cause, Rue would have been pleased.

Rue McClanahan was much more than just a Golden Girl. I hope you'll check out the link to find out more.


Joni Rodgers said…
Thanks, Colleen. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have been involved in Rue's book project, and even more fortunate that we remained friends over the years. I guess I was one of many stray pups she picked up and just couldn't let go. I'll miss her.
Jeanna said…
She left a lovely legacy in the people that loved her. She was a part of my college experience as we gathered to watch the Golden Girls in my dorm. I miss her already! Glad we have her book!
Mylène said…
Beautifully written, Joni. Rue, the actress and the human being, would be so pleased, yes?