Best Book Ad. Ever. Or is it?

I got on facebook today and saw someone had taken one of those silly quizzes again, you know, the ones that ask which Twilight character are you, or whether you're a ninja or a pirate? (Ninja here, definitely) This one, though, completely got me. When I saw my friend had "99% of the devil in her," I of course had to click on the link below, which led me to the interactive experience.

By the time I realized it was actually a book ad, I was hooked, and continued on with the quiz itself. And as clever as I thought the whole thing was, what I most noticed was that it didn't really make me want to buy the book, at least not any more than I did before I saw it. On the other hand, the Michael Koryta video Joni posted yesterday did. Possibly that's just my sensibility talking, but I think there's more than that at work here. I think I just respond more to seeing the author talk about his/her work and to getting a sense of what the book is about. That's what lures me in.

Oh, but it was fun to find out that despite my current penchant for horror, the devil in me is only 11 percent. ;)


And now I'm curious. What do you think of the ad--and what percent of the devil's in you? :)

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