On Supportive Spouses and Talking Computers

Yesterday, after a tough day writing and gearing up for the fall semester at school, I came home to my office to find the following note in an open Word file on my computer:

Hello. This is Dell, your computer.

I have added some spacing after the bullets in your Writing 3037 documents. I did this because I thought it looked better that way. The documents are on the Desktop next to this window, on the left from your point of view (my right, of course, as I look out at you).

I think they look pretty good now. But if you would like more space, you can edit Style1 to add it. To do this, open them, then right click on Style1 in the Styles section of the header bar (right above the ruler at the top of the window). Select Modify. Click on Format, then select Paragraph. In the Spacing section, set After to whatever you think best.

Best of luck this semester. By the way, I like what you've been writing on me lately. Philip is really coming alive. Good job!



Yeah, in Joni Rodgers' terms, this one's "hard to lose." :) (And I wasn't even mad at him for peeking!)

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