Seth Godin on the high cost of butt-covering

Gotta love what goes on in the shiny little head of Seth Godin. Writers are (make no mistake about this) entrepreneurs, and the "fear tax" Godin talks about in his blog today seriously burdens the publishing industry right now. Saith Seth:
A lot of entrepreneurs get an MBA because they are afraid to go out into world without one. They are seeking the reassurance a credential will bring them, even though the cost is huge and there's no data to indicate that they'll be more successful as an entrepreneur as a result.

We pay the fear tax every time we spend time or money seeking reassurance. We pay it twice when the act of seeking that reassurance actually makes us more anxious, not less.

We pay the tax when we cover our butt instead of doing the right thing, and we pay the tax when we take away someone's dignity because we're afraid.
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Susan said…
Somebody needs to hold a class for politicians on the "covering your butt instead of doing the right thing" part.

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