Today I'm seeing a movie based on a book...but not the one you think.


Great minds think alike! I just posted this to my facebook page! I SO SO SO want to see this movie! Maybe I can convince Mark to go . . .
I'm dying to see that one too. Let us know how it is.
Joni Rodgers said…
It was excellent! I know my son would not want me to go off on all sorts of allegory and blah blah blah about it, so I'll just say it was good art. Very good art.
Funny how different people have different reactions. I liked it too, and thought it was very creative, but Mark hated it. I mean capital H-HATED it. He thought all the allegorical stuff and archetypes were way too obvious. I felt that way at times, but Ramona Flowers (and to some extent Michael Cera as Scott Pilgrim) saved it for me. What a beguiling character! I also loved the incidental characters, all of which Mark felt "too thin." We argued about it all the way home in the car. Sigh.

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